(Standard demands for any colored title)

1. In vector view – text in curves.
2. Ready-to-print modules are received in formats EPS, TIFF (one-layer, 300 dpi), or JPEG without compression, color model CMYK. All the dimensions are mentioned in the table below. Modules A4 and half A4 vertical are in bleed formats.
3. The maximum color size in the sum of 4 colors – no more than 300%.
4. Unready-to-print modules and materials for modules are accepted in the formats AI (including CS4 version), PSD (including CS4 version), CDR (including 12 version), PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG. Logo is to be attached by separate file in curves.
5. When publishing A4 ad bleed one should create a module 215x285 mm counting 5 mm from each side to be in the zone of cutting. So, all the significant elements are to be pasted minimum 10 mm from each module edge. When creating half A4 vertical, 5 mm bleed will be from the top, from the bottom and from the right side. Image module two pages A4 is to be created with the attention to the central gluing part where 10 mm will be inserted under the glues. So, all the texts should be positioned out of the center. And background picture should be moved apart in order to create the visual integrity.
6. NOTE! Modules in MS Word are not accepted!
7. The editorial board of LesPromInform takes an artwork seriously, especially in the quality of cover blocks. In case of a module draws a criticism, one will be proposed to create a new module based on the given materials.

Module dimensions

Modules A4 and half A4 vertical are in bleed formats!


Place of publishing


Dimensions (mm)


Cover pages 2,3 and 4



Internal Unit

Two pages



Module on internal pages



1/2 horizontal


1/2 vertical




Note: Half page A4 vertical is followed on the page by text only!